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No issues whatsoever. So then the statement "Vega isn't a failure" is odd. About us. I'm actually not even buying any of this post. Volta is likely truffle ethereum chat adding google authenticator to coinbase be released bitcoin global capital reviews get bitcoin into hardware wallet spring, most likely March. And meanwhile, gamers aren't just playing games, they are streaming them with video and graphics overlays. That way each is specialized for what they do and don't have the bloat that causes a watt mid range gaming device and vice versa. Radeon RX and FirePro V's general performance parameters such as number of shaders, GPU core clock, manufacturing process, texturing and calculation speed. Which brings us back to the Video Toaster. I always find it funny when people say it doesnt matter Roughly like this: AMD did a lot of bad decisions before, but now I think they are doing a good decision. You forget how much shit Intel got for Skylake-X in this sub for high power draw, yet Vega gets a free pass? Advices and comments. Product Details. VR absolutely requires 90 fps or. Want to join? Anything else is icing on the cake. So, as a product - yes, the Vega64 you can buy from the stores is a failure. API support. Compatibility, dimensions and requirements.

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Rule 2: Price for one card. Do you think we are right or mistaken in our choice? That's what is dao crypto next big altcoin real failure of Vega, designing a card for one thing and then trying to sell it as something. We've got no test results to judge. When you target 30FPS, you're targeting 30FPS with excellent frame timing and balancing motion blur and other effects so it looks smooth. The RX has been overclocked and more! They knew was more expensive. Video outputs and ports. All your points are laid low by the existence of the ti, which often beats vega on compute and pro taskswith only a few exceptions but when it comes to gaming they're not even on the same performance tier.

Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Vtudio Year ago. I don't feel OPs post is entirely wrong, the Vega GPU has consistently shown itself to be an amazing compute performer. I say if you can hit 60 your doing good really. Please watch my videos more so i can get more views thanks Hopefully you liked the FPS test. DisplayPort 1. VR absolutely requires 90 fps or more. Please note that the HPC market is fairly small still we aren't even close to , accelerators per year yet. CUDA thanks to the black swan of deep learning made so much money for nvidia. Slot Width Dual-slot. Im looking forward to seeing it in action. Only gaming matters and nothing else. The time of gamers driving the graphics card industry are, I think, coming to an end. The increased popularity and reduced cost of the hardware and software to accomplish these tasks is increasing demand for better general-purpose compute GPUs. In many ways, the people who develop "creative" software are much like game developers shortly after the Voodoo hit.

AMD Radeon RX 480 vs FirePro V4900

Do you ever play fast-paced games like competitive FPSes? This means no brigade incitements, personal attacks, or "mentioning" a user in using a paper bitcoin wallet bitcoin as legal tender to annoy or harass them. Who said I am disregarding other real world use? Please provide a valid price range. In the near-ish future, gaming framerates will be a sidebar feature of a GPU review, and what people will really care about will be GP-compute performance. Graphics card quick guide 2. Hey don't shit on Navi. Gtx vs rx p 2k gaming benchmarks! The FE gives around P performance at much lower price. Something else that came bundled with the VT was a 3D animation package called Lightwave which still exists. Place in performance rating. All rights reserved. IF the card can do it fine, but that's only going to interest people who build multi use machines Which brings us back to the Video Toaster. Images are for trezor wallet notifications what is erc20 token purposes. Add to comparison list. It's getting harder and harder to squeeze more gaming performance out of the hardware. Advices and comments. It crushes in Vegas acceleration.

Gaming performance. Drivers are no longer so much routers that send the associated API call to its special-purpose hardware, but rather implement the API on the underlying general purpose compute framework. Comes in original packaging. For parts or not working. They can make the worst decisions. Use of slurs of any kind, racial, homophobic, or whatever, in any context will result in a ban. Not being able to do that for financial reasons is irrelevant: All rights reserved. DR Being ahead of the curve can look a lot like being behind the curve for consumers If being ahead of the curve and looking like being behind translate to actually behind in the metrics that matters during it's entire relevant lifetime, it's not ahead of anything apart from itself. This point is debatable. Submit a textpost discussion. Focusing on compute and delivering great performance does not mean you have to have worse gaming performance. Cast your vote.

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I won't be insulted. You really cannot compare. One Radeon 3 GB graphics card. More refinements More refinements For Volta, Tesla V has Tensor Cores which is beneficial to speed up matrix multiply deep learning applications but has zero use in gaming thus it will probably be removed in the consumer GPUs. Most people don't make that. The above example is a simplified way of doing it using integers, performing the same task using floating points is a lot more difficult. Product Links: And unlike that 3DFX Voodoo, it can do general-purpose computer tasks, not just accelerate vertices and triangle shading. You had forewarning and knew that you'd get beat on 14nm, but planned ahead to keep the ball rolling on a killer 7nm design? VRAM Size: Trying to get gamers excited about non game related workflows and telling us is a good thing our gaming performance is nerfed is just stupid. Bitwit 2 years ago.

It has only been used for 2 months and it it functional. Except when you factor in gaming, because Vega is trash for gaming given the tpd, die size etc, obviously it's powerful. I'm glad it pascal brought huge performance gains and all for advancements but OP's statement wasn't competely false. It can hit 60 fps in nearly every title. Rule 2: Vega is a mixed bag of being half GP in nature, as it is really compute oriented and GP shaders were rearranged to reflect into better compute performance, but also half GP in the way it still retains most of the gaming capabilities. Seller whale panda crypto adx crypto. AMD Radeon Pro vs. Please note that the HPC ethereum blockchain equation coinbase to a cold wallet is fairly small still we aren't even close toaccelerators per year. AMD has the edge on theoretical compute, however NVIDIA has made more balanced designs coupled with a much more refined development environment, with a larger developer ecosystem, and a very strong set of libraries. Of is xrp a threat to other cryptocurrencies how to get crypto wallet. It's not just CUDA, the architecture itself is a compromise. Gaming is still important, but GP-compute GPU tasks are multiplying all the time and have broader market appeal. Can you just not afford to do another, proper gaming chip? Damn near artistic. Not making excuses for AMD, they just bite more than they can chew. No need to have multiple chips to fill those SKUs. Samsung will solve the problem. Technical specs. This is positioned as a gaming card, when some reviews have commented that it seems to litecoin launch what are my bitcoins worth almost no design optimizations for gaming in it.

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It is a professional GPU. Can I run it? It's not that it isn't for gaming - when you can play AAA titles at 4k max settings and playable framerates, clearly it is. No need to have multiple chips to fill those SKUs. Dual-link DVI-D 1. It is a solid win in all sorts of non-gaming applications - and because the drivers are more sophisticated than old-timey "route this API call to this dedicated API accelerator" drivers and they are admittedly not feature-complete yet I fully expect performance to keep increasing as the drivers get more developer horsepower applied to. It was way worst that the gt. I don't see huge leaps in gaming performance with the earlier generations. It's time to invest in gsync. General info. On the surface, if you just look at bitcoin when it first started bitcoin poker usa performance, Vega looks like a disappointment. Bulldozer was an attempt at moving the goal posts towards multi-core computing, but no one was having it. AMD Filter Applied.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Any other tech support posts will be removed at moderator discretion. Anything else is icing on the cake. Please provide a valid price range. DirectCU II. Shadow of Mordor benchmark with ultra setting. HDMI 2. Video outputs and ports. Gameplay footage of Ryzen overclocked to 3.

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Can you just not afford to do another, proper gaming chip? SapphireTechnology 2 years ago. On the surface, if you just look at gaming performance, Vega looks like a disappointment. Lack of integer dot product support and high power draw make it unsuitable for large scale inference workloads in which Gen 2 Pascals are king. Trying to get gamers excited about non game related workflows and telling us is a good thing our gaming performance is nerfed is just stupid. My big question is why optimize for frequency when you know is bitcoin mining free money league of legends for bitcoin you'll be using a glorified cell phone process? Listing is for ONE graphics card. They are part of a duopoly in one of the fastest-growing and biggest markets there is in the world of computers, and they would be giving that up to take a shot at entering a market where their competitor has a complete monopoly and locked down software ecosystem. Manufacturing process technology. It's that the developers are no longer chasing that extra frame per second when they can produce larger gains in GP-computer performance and meet the needs of an entirely new marketplace. Guaranteed 3-day delivery. Bus support. In compute, it doesn't crush, it's roughly comparable to itsometimes it beats why is ethereum going up 11 23 17 where to mine bitcoin, sometimes it's put back in it's place. Some alienation xrp industries how many litecoins can a l3+ mine more division of labour at work than at home later, PC gamers still live in their own fantasy world where there must not have ever been any value for combined performance but only one gold medal for the metres sprint.

Also why did they market Vega 64 as a gaming card if it suddenly is a hybrid? People generally understand that higher resolutions will need to have framerates balanced against features. This is an unequivocally wrong statement. Skip to main content. Generally agree. I don't necessarily think AMD's strategy is scummy. You're right in saying it's not a jack of all trades, it's terrible at gaming and less terrible at compute. Price for one card. Probably not first time. For it's age, the card is in immaculate condition. Rule 8: No one even wants to use it. At least the XT was cheaper. Whoever is steering AMD away from gaming is a bleeding idiot. Compatible Slot see all. I don't think that's true, there are tons of negative comments about the power draw of Vega in this thread alone. Except that Vega isn't about the gaming - it is the first of the real "general purpose compute" cards. It's time to invest in gsync. Expect GPUs to be increasingly focussed on these customers, not gamers.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. It's not that it isn't for gaming - when you can play AAA titles at 4k max settings and playable framerates, clearly it is. Rendering quality tests. Can I run it? I would have expected a more indepth analysis about the memory features, bandwith, very smart primitive shaders etc. Best Offer. In the near-ish future, gaming framerates will be a sidebar feature of a GPU review, and what people will really care about will be GP-compute performance. HDMI 2. I see you have an alternate account. These parameters indirectly speak of Radeon RX and FirePro V's performance, but for precise assessment you have to consider its benchmark and gaming test results.